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Name:Bass.EXE [AU]
Birthdate:Aug 28
The Black Shadow

Messenger of Death. These were the things Bass.EXE, greatest Net Navi alive, were called. The first Navi to be truly independent of humans, to not have to rely on them like his fellow AIs for attack power or commands. He was strong, stronger than any before him, and the scientists in the lab that was his home resented him for it. All but one, Dr. Cossack, his creator. Bass was happy so long as Dr. Cossack believed in him.

And then he was betrayed. Blamed for the downfall of the then-fledgling network, Bass was attacked by all the other Navis of the labs, told that his deletion had been ordered by ALL the scientists. Thinking this included Dr. Cossack, his love turned into hatred and rage and he handily deleted the Navis, gaining a scar across his chest in the process. Bass then wandered the internet for years, taking down any challenger that came his way.

This lasted for fifteen years, until he found a hole in the barrier that let him materialize in the real world, the realm of hated humanity. He took up a hidden residence in a single house set back from that city, scaring off the original owner in the process. He remained there alone for a length of time, watching the humans and plotting the best ways to destroy them.

Then they came. A girl and a boy, as idiotic as the rest and yet... different. Somehow Bass's rival Megaman, which he had fought many times during his wanderings, also showed up at this house. He was soon followed by many of his comrades, and it was around this time Bass decided to make himself known. So many chances for destruction and death had fallen into his lap, and this was the time to make his move.

But something had changed in him. In watching humans over these fifteen, twenty years, Bass had... matured. He was still a warrior. He was still the Shadow of Death. But he himself was different, seeing clearer now if only to notice that his path was still dark and shadowed. In a strange way he befriended this growing group of people-- they weren't truly his friends, not in his mind, but being with them almost made him feel like he had before he'd been betrayed. When he was still trusted.

Bass now wanders apart from this house and those in it, keeping to himself to try and figure out who he was, who he had been, and who he was going to turn out to be.


AU RP journal, obviously. Manga icons by mun, takeable with credit, except for the Battle Story icons which were Wayback'd off Risen From Fallen, so thanks to them for those.

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Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.
-- Aldous Huxley
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